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NAGA guqin events for February,2012



Dear Qin Friends,

This is to remind you about NAGA guqin events for February 2012.

1. Guqin athering with Professor Zhao Jiazhen(赵家珍)

Time: Feb 5th, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Place: Union City, CA,

Come to join NAGA yalon, a mixed gathering of East and West, ancient and modern.

This serie features world renown guqin player Zhao Jiazhen and famous writer Annie Wang, please see details at
Space is very limited so please register now.

2. Guqin performance and video installation at the Stanford Pan Asian Music Festival

Please come to see guqin player Wang Fei and artist Xie Xiaoze perform guqin and video installation “Transience” on Feb 10th, 7:00pm at Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford, CA. Combined with traditional and improvisational guqin music, the theatrical video of flying books reminds us of numerous book-burning events in human history and also implies that memory, knowledge and thoughts are being tested in the extension of time and space.

3. NAGA guqin class 2012

Starts February 26th, Sundays. 4 weeks of intensive guqin group lessons with Wang Fei.
lease see details at

This class is usually offered once a year or once every two years. Space is limited and available on first-come-first-served basis so please register now.

Class Summary

The goal of these group classes is to enable participants to experience what the guqin is, and learn authentic guqin playing in a very intensive period with a master. The course will concentrate on the major left and right hand techniques. After the workshop, local students can continue their guqin study by joining the upcoming advanced guqin class “Chinese poetry through the guqin: a practical tool to learn Chinese language and culture”, and learn traditional guqin pieces. This course starts April 1st. Non-local students can teach themselves by following NAGA’s set of instructional materials (book, video, Chinese English dictionary of guqin terms, etc).


Classes will be led by NAGA Director and China Guqin Committee Council member Wang Fei. Wang Fei studied guqin under Professor Li Xiangting, one of the great qin master of this century, since 1985. She has inherited the traditions, styles, concepts and masterpieces of her “grand teachers” Zha Fuxi, Wu Jinglue and Guan Pinghu, the three greatest qin masters of the last century, and transmits them through her guqin teaching, performance and promotion in the western world. Wang Fei is one of the few qin teachers who offer guqin lessons in traditional form, covering both qin playing and qin study. She has won several awards for Chinese music, has toured internationally and has given speeches, lectures, workshops and seminars on the guqin at many prestigious universities including Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA and the Central Conservatory of Music. She has also given presentations on Chinese culture to many Fortune 500 companies.

About NAGA

The North American Guqin Association (NAGA) is a nonprofit cultural arts organization dedicated to the public presentation and preservation of the art of the guqin, spreading community appreciation of Chinese culture through the traditional art of the guqin and building a bridge for cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the Chinese and American communities. NAGA offers guqin classes, performances, recordings, workshops etc.

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