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In order to continue to develop and expand on NAGA's dynamic artistic, cultural, community and educational programming, we need your help and support!

Our plans for 2013

1.     Develop some new guqin works which will tour the country and eventually internationally.

2. Continue orginize NAGA yalon 雅龙© (yaji+salon) is a mixed gathering of East and West, ancient and modern. It was conceived and created by NAGA’s director Wang Fei in 2010. at least 3 times a year.

3.     Partner with local museums to develop a new production series ”Guqin, Beyond a Museum Piece” that include concerts, lectures, workshops, to reach different communities and diverse audiences.

4.     Continue to develop further series of NAGA guqin classes, lectures, presentations.

5.     Continue our project to translate ancient guqin texts.

6.     Design a web 2.0 version of the NAGA web site.

7.     Several guqin video productions.

These plans need your support if they are to become a reality. Here are some suggestions for amounts and levels of benefit:


You will be invited to one of our yalons, rehearsals, or shows


The above benefit plus:
You can bring 2-3 extra guests to one of our yalons. Your name will be credited as a friend of NAGA and listed on our web site.


All the above benefits plus:
You will receive 1 to 3 guqin CDs or DVDs of our work.
You will get a free rental guqin for one of our NAGA guqin class ($50-$100 value).


All the above benefits plus:
You will be invited to have dinner with artists and receive 2 free tickets to our concert.
You will get 20% discount off for one of our NAGA group guqin classes ($80 to $160 value).
Your name and logo will be listed in the program notes and all the publicity materials and NAGA social networks.


All the above benefits plus:
You will get 50% discount off one of our NAGA group guqin classes ($200 to $400 value) and 10% to 20% off purchases from our sponsor’s web site.
Plus you will get personal consultation, evaluation and selection for antique or new guqin purchases from NAGA director Wang Fei that will save you $$$$.

We appreciate any donation, however large or small, from the bottom of our hearts. A small donation can light a candle for the spread of the guqin’s unique music around the world. Larger donations can help with the cost of projects, productions and future events, such as inviting major artists.
NAGA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Tax ID: 205263250

We also need your support for items such as video and audio equipment, lighting, stage props and costumes.

You can donate money or volunteer your time and talent for a specific project. Please send donations to:

North American Guqin Association, PO BOX 232, Fremont, CA 94537-0232

Or make your donation online at

I would like to thank our funders and donors: Alliance for California Traditional Art, Zellerbach Family Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, City of Milpitas, Meet the Composer, Silicon Valley Community Foundation,Arts Council Silicon Valley, CounterPULSE, The Patsy Lu Fund and Open Meadows, Shanghai Association of North California, and friends of the North American Guqin Association.

I would also like to thank all our individual supporters and volunteers, especially Sanford Tom, Lindy Mark, Yvonne Ng, Kwan Wong, Gigi Lam, Julian Joseph, Christopher Evans, Michael Cohen, Li May Philips and Yin Qiying,Tinghua Zhang, Rose He, Xiaopei He Gelb, Diana Ding, Daniel Lin, Chin Lin, Heidi Pham, Peter Wu, Zhao Yan, Wang Zhirong, Yan Lange, E.Moy and K.Chu,Monique Kuo, Fred Polnmann, Weiran Zhao, Pat Wong, Wenyu Jiang, Jim Binkley, Melody Chen and others.

Thank you all for believing in what we do. We appreciate your commitment and look forward to having another successful year of programs and activities in the future.

Best regards,

Wang Fei


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The Patsy Lu Fund and the Shanghai Association of N. California

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