Annie Wang's initial impression of Ms. Jiang during the interview:

Ji-Li Jiang is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She grew up in Shanghai and studied tourism management in Hawaii. In China, she loved writing, but didn't publish anything. Red Scarf is her debut in both Chinese and English writing, but it became an immediate hit and won many awards.

Being a member of the sent-down generation, Jiang claims that her perseverance and innate strength are her best quality. She said to me on the phone, "When I talk to my American friends, many times, they say they have this and that problem which is a result of their childhood abuse or trauma. But I can say that their trauma. is next to nothing compared to that of our lost generation in China who were sent to the countryside doing labor work. But I am still optimistic and healthy today. I think it is because I am psychologically tougher than they are."

Ms. Jiang has her own culture exchange company. In her spare time, she still writes in English, mainly for children. By the way, Ms. Jiang is still single and doesn't have children.

-- Annie Wang

Chinese Culture Net Staff Writer


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