Annie Wang's Interview with Ms. Yan Geling

Ms. Yan and Mr. Walker are a nice couple. They respect and admire each other. That's how I felt at their home in Alameda.

Ms. Yan has a delicate and pale face and body. At the very beginning of the interview, she looks serious and doesn't smile at all. "You see writers sell their words to make a living." She would say something like this to you. But as she gets to know you more and better, she becomes very open, sincere and direct. She speaks her mind and you can practically ask her anything including how much she paid for her house down payment.

"Falling in love and writing are the two major things I did since coming to the United States." Yan Geling said.

Everyday, she gets up at 7 a.m. and keeps writing at least for four hours a day, treating writing as a regular job. In the last ten years, she published more than twenty short story collections, novellas, and screen plays and also won numerous awards in both Taiwan and Main Land.

The former professional dancer is now among the most productive and successful overseas Chinese women authors.


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